12 Volt Solar Charger/Maintainer


FRRE's 12 volt solar charger/maintainer was designed for those occasions when a constant state of charge is necessary to maintain a battery's life. When batteries sit for extended periods of time they lose around 1/2% - 1% of their charge per day. In other words, a fully charged battery (12.8 volts) will lose approximately 26% of it's charge (down to 12.54 volts) in one month. With a charger/maintainer this can be prevented. These charger/maintainers can be used on any vehicle with a 12 volt battery system. Your car, truck, motorcycle, rv/camper, snowmobile, tractor/lawnmower, and 4-wheeler are great examples from everyday life. The most important thing to remember is, most of the above examples are vehicles with "starter" batteries and not "deep cycle" batteries. Starter batteries do not like to be discharged often and will not accept a charge if they have been deeply discharged one too many times. The result is, "time for a new battery." By keeping the state of charge high, your battery life will be greatly extended. One more thing to mention here is, FRRE charger/maintainers are made from durable and higher efficiency polycrystalline solar cells. Most other charger/maintainers are made from amorphous technology. Amorphous technology is about 1/2 as efficient as poly cells, which means you need twice the physical space to get the same amount of watt output of a poly cell. These charger/maintainers also come with 10' of 18/2 wire and convenient color coded alligator clips for easy install. These charger/maintainers are competitively priced at $54.95. All you need is sun.


12 volt charger/maintainer
10' of 18-2 wire and color coded alligator clips
Installs practically anywhere

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