The Bilge Buddy

This is FRRE's newest addition to their line of off-grid power generators.

Nicknamed "The Bilge Buddy" but not designed for bilges only. It was
designed to be a portable, off-grid, battery powered, water pumping system,
that can be used for any situation where water transfer or pumping is needed.

The Bilge Buddy is a very portable, light weight and self contained unit. It weighs
in at only 12 lbs. All components are smartly enclosed in a common cooler.
The Bilge buddy is equipped with a 12 volt, 1.2 GPM (gallons per minute),
self priming water pump. It boasts a head pressure of 10 vertical feet.
The unit also comes with an onboard 12 volt, 12 ah (amp hour), sealed AGM battery.
There is 5' of input and 5' of output hose for those occasions where a greater
distance is needed for fluid transfer. The pump is engaged with a simple on/off switch
located on the front of the unit

Charging is accomplished via the two probes located on the front of the unit. It can be
charged with a common 12 volt battery charger, such as a battery tender or car charger in the
trickle charge mode. For those who want true off-grid freedom, there is the optional 5 watt
or 10 watt solar charger available for these units as well. The 5 watt panel will recharge a 50%
discharged battery in approximately 20 hours. The 10 watt panel will recharge the same 50%
discharged battery in approximately 10 hours. The Bilge Buddy can be used while being
charged with the solar panel option as well, to extend the time of use.

These complete plug and play units start at $175.00

Small and lightweight at only 12 lbs.

The Bilge Buddy comes fully equipped with the AGM battery and the pump ready to go.

Charging the Bilge Buddy with the optional 5 watt solar panel.
2 lengths of 5' clear poly hose come with each unit.
The hose can be stored inside the unit for complete portability.


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