The Mini Too

This is FRRE's middle brother to the Portable Solar Generator
and the Mini Portable Power Station.

Originally designed to take on the power requirements of a
CPAP machine, the Mini Too is a pint sized portable solar
generator, with the features of it's bigger brother.

The Mini Too comes standard with a foldable 20 watt solar panel,
onboard charge controller, a 26 amp hour AGM sealed battery,
and a 400 watt DC - AC inverter. All tucked into a portable power house.
It can be expanded to accomodate more solar input if desired, to charge
the battery even that much faster.

These complete plug and play units start at $475.00

Base systems include a 20 watt folding solar panel, 400 watts of a/c power and a 26 amp hour AGM sealed battery.

The Mini Too has 4 times the solar capacity and 4 times the battery storage of the Mini, for
less than twice the price.

A 12 volt DC port, a 110 volt
AC port, a battery voltage
meter and a duel USB plug,
all come standard.

Spec Sheet link coming soon

Youtube link coming soon

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