Free Consultation
The consultation is the initial step in deciding if a renewable energy system is right for you. We will discuss current usage, future energy requirements, space availability, utility interconnection requirements, structural concerns, costs, rebates if available and any other issues that may be of importance.


Home Energy Audit
Most utility companies will require that a home energy audit be done prior to accepting any application for a renewable energy system. This ensures the utility that the home the system will be going on is up to standards regarding energy efficiency. The audit is only required if you are applying for any rebates the utility may be providing.


Applications, Permitting and Licensing
During the consultation, all legal documentation needed will be discussed. This will normally include a building permit with the appropriate building plans submitted to the local city building department. An Interconection Agreement submitted with the appropriate plans to the local utility company. If rebates are offered in your area, proper documentation will be submitted to the local utility as well as the state energy office. Depending on your location, fees may be required for some or all of the above institutions.


Once all applications and permitting has been processed the installation can begin. The time involved in a typical installation is around two weeks. This will vary immensly depending on system size, materials and weather issues.


Energy Independence
Congratulations. You have made a very rewarding decision to reduce or completely eliminate your electric costs and keep our planet clean for future generations. By doing this you have become a crucial element in the preservation of our planet and at the same time put some green back in your pocket.



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