Introducing FRRE's new line of Portable Solar Generators.
These sytems are fully customizable for your needs.
Great for backyard get togethers, camping, hunting, tailgating, and very capable for emergency power. With no harmful emissions and completely silent you can even use the generator inside your home.
Did I forget to mention, it never needs gas, never.

These pint-sized power houses are designed for the lighter power generation needs you may encounter. Equipped with a 5 watt polycrystalline panel, a 400 watt d/c - a/c inverter and a 12 volt 7 amp hour agm battery, charging your cell phone, laptop or any other small device is very convenient.

The Mini
Power Station

This is FRRE's 12 volt charge/maintainer. This solar charger can be used on any 12 volt battery system to keep the battery from discharging over time. It does not need a charge controller since the amps are low enough overcharging is not a concern. A great addition to anyone looking to keep their batteries to a full state-of-charge.
Our flagship product, The Home Energy Analyser System, lets the consumer analyze and track energy usage of any home appliance and record it's consumption and cost over a month's and years time in a simple spreadsheet format.
For those who already have a Kill-a-watt and would like to track their energy usage, we offer the HEAS software seperately.

Originallly designed to take on the power requirements
of a CPAP machine, The Mini Too has all the features
of it's bigger brother, The Portable Solar Generator,
but is a more compact size. With 20 watts of solar input
and a 26 amp hour AGM battery on board, off-grid
poratble power has never been more easy.
FRRE is proud to be only 1 of 2 authorized dealers in the state
of Colorado for this amazing product. We have ovens in stock,
as well as most assessories for ease of pickup.
Compact Flourescent Lamps or commonly know as CFL's is a great product to start with if you have the desire to make a change in your energy consumption and save a little green in the process.
Power strips an intergral part of energy savings. Power strips are used to stop the phantom load that is constantly traveling through the circuit while a device is plugged into the outlet.
How much energy do you think is wasted by using the full output of your bathrooms lights all the time.. The night light is a great addition to any room where less is more, more energy savings and more left in your pocket.
This neat little device measures volts, amps, watts, hertz and has a kwh clock built in to analyze the consumption of any 120v device that is plugged into it. The Kill-a-watt is a crucial item for anyone who is serious about energy savings.

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