RV/Camper Solar Systems


Have you ever dreamed of being totally off the grid and not have the need to plug into the shore power station at your favorite camping spot? Or would you like to be able to drive past those typical camping areas and camp where you want to camp without the worry of running your batteries down? The answer to these questions is a solar power system for your RV or Camper. We, at Front Range Renewable Energy, can outfit your RV or Camper with a custom designed solar system that can give you the freedom of pure off-grid living. The basic system gives you a 140 watt Kyocera solar panel, a charge controller matched to the solar panel output, mounting hardware, all the necessary wiring and full installation. The basic system starts around $800.00 and will vary upon your individual needs and desires. These systems are fully customizable and flexible to your needs. The only limitation is the amount of available physical square footage on your roof. We can even design a portable system that is not hard mounted to your roof, for the added flexibility and added power that comes with a movable system, it even costs less.

The photos below are of a TrailManor 3023 outfitted with a 3-panel (405 watt) solar power system we installed back in March 2012. This installation was quite unique in that it was a popup camper. Extra care had to be taken to insure the wire from the solar panels would not interfear with the expansion of the camper during the popup stage.

For additional information about having a solar system installed on your RV or camper, feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone listed on the Contact Us tab on the home page.


TrailManor 3023
Sizing available roof space
Selecting the panels
Testing the voltage through the circuit
Wiring the 3 panels in parallel
Measuring the wire down to the charge controller/battery bank
Assembling the mounting hardware
Completed system on roof
Free energy, compliments of the sun.


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